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Award-winning author Fran Stewart brings not only a love of writing but a lifetime of journaling as a part of her memoir-writing skillset. Author of 24 published books, including 15 mysteries, a writer’s workbook, and most recently her 6-volume beekeeping memoir, Fran believes firmly in the need to “tell our stories.” She’s been leading interactive memoirs workshops for the past two years through libraries in Gwinnett County and in Auburn as well as teaching through Brenau University’s Lifetime Learning Program. You may follow her on her daily mini-memoir at

PREPARE FOR THE MEETING: Download and fill out the following document and have it available for the meeting.

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2019 Mar: FODAC tour

Considering a charitable donation to FODAC? Here is how I made the decision to do so. I toured the facility on a Saturday. Up front you will see a ton of equipment ready to be released to people who have requested items. Power chairs, walkers, crutches, rollators, etc. Just this alone shows the actual results of the effort being made there to serve the disabled community. Too really “seal the deal” take a look at the ratings for FODAC by the well respected Charity Navigator recommended by Clark Howard. Here is a link: Charity Navigator

FODAC is highly rated with an overall score of 93.04 with a four out of four star rating. They have held a four star rating since 2015. In a day and age where you can’t always trust how your charity dollars are being used you can surely trust FODAC.


Visiting FODAC facilities with APPA members was an extraordinary experience.  The luncheon, camaraderie and informative presentation left me with a whole new perspective on the FODAC organization  The

group tour through their 65,000 square foot warehouse and well stocked thrift store opened up an awareness of the many useful ways APPA members can benefit from and access to the many types of free medical devices  available.  I was so inspired I started to gather items in my closets and basement to donate to the thrift store that helps fund the day to day operation.  I even learned of the  many drop off locations

in the Metro Atlanta area.


What members said following FODAC tour

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