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APPA member, Thaddeus Lewis, recommends:

Will Johnson


 Compass Healthcare

 5667 Peachtree Dunwoody Road

Suite 170

Atlanta GA  30120


404-252-7487 fax


Will made his custom boots to fit his brace. He is very happy with the results.


Barbara Reynolds recommends:

Cato Shoe Repair on Roswell Road at Powers Ferry. Joe Jordan does a great job on building up my shoes and any other work I need done to make them fit better. For example, he cut down the heels on one pair of shoes I still use so they would be lower and easier for me to walk. He can also do brace channels if you have any and need them put in a different pair of shoes.



There are many well-maintained web sites with information about PPS. Listed below are just a few. We want to have links to all local (Georgia and neighboring states) health care facilities that have some kind of Post Polio clinic. Hence the links to Shepherd Center and Emory. If you have any suggestions for additional local links, please send E-mail to us.


Polio Survivors Network -- This site (Formerly the Lincolnshire Post Polio Network) is wonderful.  Not only is it packed with links to useful information but they have archives of interesting articles from their own stable of contributors.


Post-Polio Syndrome Central ---- Lots of links


Ernie Wollering’s Post-Polio Internet Resources ----Lots of links to websites with info about Post-polio, with a tab for Forums, and another for additional resources. Put together and maintained by Ernie Wollering. Frequent updates


Shepherd Center in Atlanta---- A local institution with a PPS clinic. Also noted for strong support of APPA


Rehabilitation Medicine at the Emory University School of Medicine headed by Dr. Dale Strasser to see article on Post Polio. This is part of the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke web site,, which has lots of good information.


International Post-Polio Support


Post-Polio Health International:


Access Now:


American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD):


Medline Plus (Polio and Post-Polio Syndrome)]


Mayo Clinic (Post-Polio Syndrome)


Southern Arizona Post-Polio Support Group and  Annual trip to Branson, Missouri! - Georgia's Aging and Disability Resource Center


 Agewise Connection 

Atlanta area agency on aging. Resources for transportation, housing, in-home help, and more. and -  Atlanta Alliance on Developmental Disabilities - One Good Deed - transportation and mobility aids


 Atlanta Regional Commission  A georgia government site with info and links to agencies, programs and assistance


Conemaugh Health System has the John P. Murtha Neuroscience and Pain Institute which has a post-polio clinic. They also produced the Yoga for post-polio patients DVD which some of us got at the PPHI conference. Go to and email them about the DVD.


There are a number of Facebook pages related to PPS. If you type Polio in the Search book, it will list all the pages. Here are two:


  1. - has a Facebook page as well

  2.    FB page: Post-polio syndrome


Center for Independent Living (CIL) -

Pat Puckett, Executive Director, 770-270-6860


World Institute for Disability -


Social Security Disability Resource Center -



The following books can be purchased at


·  Polio:  An American Story by David M. Oshinsky
   ***Winner of the 2006 Pulitzer Prize in History***
   Published by Oxford University Press; $18.90


·  Living with Polio:  The Epidemic and Its Survivors
   By Daniel J. Wilson; $18.27


·  Splendid Solution:  Jonas Salk and the Conquest of Polio
   By Jeffrey Kluger; $10.38


·  Polio and Its Aftermath:  The Paralysis of Culture
   By Marc Shell; $30.77


·  Walking Fingers:  The Story of Polio and Those Who Lived It
   By Helen D’Orazio; $12.32


·  Polio:  A Dose of the Refiner’s Fire:  Surviving Polio
   By Jeane Curey Dille; $12.95


·  The Cutter Incident:  How America’s First Polio Vaccine Led to        

   the Growing Vaccine Crisis
   By Paul A. Offit, MD, Yale University Press; $27.50


·  Chronic Pain and the Family:  A New Guide by Julie K. Silver
   Harvard University Press; $11.48


·  Lucky One:  Making It Past Polio and Despair by Richard      

   Anterior Publishing; $19.95


·  Disease: A Personal and Cultural History of Polio by Anne  

   Through the eyes of a polio survivor, this book focuses on    

   the experience of people who had the disease, and explores        discrimination; the disability rights movement and casts a

   critical eye on medical treatment.
   St,. Martin's Press; $17.91; Can also be purchased online  

   at Powell's City of Books


·  Warm Springs:  Traces of a Childhood at FDR’s Polio Haven       

   by Susan Richards Shreve.  A memoir of an era by a patient at  

   Warm Springs at the height of the polio epidemic.


·  Through the Storm:  A Polio Story by Robert F. Hall
   Beaver’s Pond Press  Available on Amazon

·  Sucking Air:  Doing Wheelies:  Memories of a Fifties Polio

   Survivor by Robert Mauro Available on Amazon

·  Behind Enemy Lines:  A Memoir by John Durand
Available on Amazon


·  The Fortune Teller’s Kiss by Brenda Serotte Available on Amazon

·  Managing Post-Polio by Lauro Halstead, M.D. NRh Press;      

   Available through Vandamere Press,   and Amazon

   or by calling LaShonne Williams-Fraley at 202 877 1010.


·  Love, War, & Polio: The Life and Times of Young Bill Porteous by    

   Timothy Bizzett. Available from Amazon

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