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Lucille Crumby

By Carol Crumby

I contracted polio prior to the start of second grade in 1954 in Pittsburgh. That was the year children in my school district began the polio vaccine trails...


Joan Adams

By Lynn Frisco

Rita Carlson's


frances Drogan

By Joe Drogan

I was about 17 at the time. It was a Saturday afternoon and I was struggling to get the tailpipe on my old Dodge hooked up to the muffler. Every time I thought I’d had it the darn thing would pop back out again. The pressure was on because I wanted to see my sweetie that night and nothing ...


bessie Merrell

By Vicki Crowell

My Mother was born March 25, 1913 in Bowdon, GA. She grew up there and went to the University of Georgia for a while. She taught school for a while and married my Daddy, Guy Crowell, Jr. He was in the Navy and got out in 1945. I was born December 18, 1945 and by then my Daddy had left Mother. She struggled and continued to work and had help with...


nancy winter's

Tribute to

Julia Burley Harding

I was too young to remember when Polio hit our family, 2 out of 5 children.  It was 1950, polio was most feared.  Mom managed gracefully, quarantine endured.  Friends could leave us groceries in the driveway. Other neighbors and friends were told to stay away.  These things my Mom handled well, so I’ve been told.  I ...

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