Bruno Bytes

1st QTR 2021

Bruno Bytes, First Quarter, 2021



Bruno Bytes (from Richard L. Bruno, PhD) 

The Topics Include:  

  • Anesthesia, 

  • Catching Polio without knowing it, 

  • CoQ10, 

  • Diagnosis and Management of PPS,

  • EMGs, 

  • Is Everything PPS?, 

  • Polio Survivor’s “good” limbs, 

  • Muscle Weakness, Sprouting Neurons,   and 

  • The different “Types” of Polio. 

We have been collaborating with Dr. Richard Bruno, HD, PhD to publish these Q&A's and "bits" of information since 2014.

You can download and share the attached file, or read it on our website.

Every issue of Bruno Bytes is available in PDF format for download and sharing at the bottom of this Bruno Bytes Page.  

We hope you are well - there is a taste of spring here in the NE United States.

The entire PA Polio Network Team

The Fourth Quarter of 2020 has brought some fascinating information for us all - from both the International Center for Polio Education and from Post-Polio Health International.



Bruno Bytes (from Richard L. Bruno, PhD) 

  • The Fourth Quarter, 2020 issue covers many topics, including Blood Pressure issues, Nerve Pain, Shoulder Anatomy and concerns regarding valium "type" medications.

  • We have been publishing  Bruno Bytes since 2014.  Every issue is easily available for download, printing and sharing.

  • For those of you who are not online, we have attached the latest issue.

  • Just click on Dr. Bruno's fascinating biography   It contains his contact and website information.

What's New from Post-Polio Health International

  • Their medical advisory team has published a guideline for the COVID19 vaccine as it relates to polio survivors.  We have attached the information for those who are not online.

  • Check out the new ideas from the PHI Spark

  • 2020 was a big year for PHI.  Their new website was launched, complete with an interactive, world wide directory for access to support groups and professional resources.

  • Access to all this information and more is easily available.


Check out our "What's New" page.  We update it frequently.


Warm wishes for a wonderful new year - one that is filled with healthy, new adventures.

The entire PA Polio Network Team

Bruno Bytes

4th QTR 2020