The Fourth Quarter of 2020 has brought some fascinating information for us all - from both the International Center for Polio Education and from Post-Polio Health International.



Bruno Bytes (from Richard L. Bruno, PhD) 

  • The Fourth Quarter, 2020 issue covers many topics, including Blood Pressure issues, Nerve Pain, Shoulder Anatomy and concerns regarding valium "type" medications.

  • We have been publishing  Bruno Bytes since 2014.  Every issue is easily available for download, printing and sharing.

  • For those of you who are not online, we have attached the latest issue.

  • Just click on Dr. Bruno's fascinating biography   It contains his contact and website information.

What's New from Post-Polio Health International

  • Their medical advisory team has published a guideline for the COVID19 vaccine as it relates to polio survivors.  We have attached the information for those who are not online.

  • Check out the new ideas from the PHI Spark

  • 2020 was a big year for PHI.  Their new website was launched, complete with an interactive, world wide directory for access to support groups and professional resources.

  • Access to all this information and more is easily available.


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Warm wishes for a wonderful new year - one that is filled with healthy, new adventures.

The entire PA Polio Network Team

Bruno Bytes

4th QTR 2020

COVID19  Vaccine & Polio Survivors

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